Anime Song Live @ TIMM .. Ayane! MIKA! Kalafina!

Tokyo International Music Market held in Stellar Ball of Shinagawa Prince Hotel on Oct 25~28. English page here (behold crappy translation lol). TIMM is a music industry event with boring seminars etc, so obviously I was only interested in (and only attended) Anime Song Live on Oct 28.

Why this was awesome.
1. Always top reason: IT’S FREE~ xD Just gotta apply in advance and they’ll send an invitation card with entrance number (lottery if too many applicants). Overseas attendees can ensure a ticket but seems they’re all in balcony seats. Floor was full of Japanese ota (+ me) lol.

2. Highly-budgeted, so it was a decent hall and a hell of a sound system!
3. Decent line-up, some were pretty great, and many first encounters for me!

Oh btw I guess some watched it live on UStream? Tho I heard they cut Kalafina ^^;;

Hall opened at 5 to start at 6. Free-standing and my entrance number wasn’t bad (6xx) but irrelevant as I couldn’t make it on time (damn Thursday!) >_< Finally reached 15 mins before 6 and it was already full. Managed to sneak in a bit and got into the middle. About 10 heads in front of me, but I had pretty clear view.

Just like all other events they started late. During the waiting time we could see UStream page and twitter stream. I tested #timmktanime hashtag and saw my own tweet on screen lol.

MC was a middle-aged guy (how unattractive) who speaks a decent English tho he did an unforgivable mistake (will explain later). I think his name was Aki? He kept reappearing to introduce each artist.

My main goal was Ayane, DaisyxDaisy, and Kalafina. Kudou Mayu and Maon piqued my interest too. Didn’t know some, but hey there’s always a first encounter. ;) For each songs, anime footage streamed on big screen, interchangeably with live footage. Pretty good to help me ID unknown songs.

Nirgilis (blog)
1. kiseki (Tetsuwan Birdie DECODE:02)
2. sakura (Eureka7)
Didn’t know who. Introduced as an anime-techno unit. Only 2 members appeared at first and started well with interesting techno mix. Vocalist joined in for kiseki and sakura.. I didn’t watch both but recognized the songs somewhere. I like their music, but vocal was so-so..

Kudou Mayu (site)
3. Tomorrow song~Ashita no Uta~ (Heart Catch Precure ED2)
4. My sweet days
5. Heart Catch☆Paradise (Heart Catch Precure ED1)
-Kyaaaa!! Haato Kyacchi Purikyua!!! Mayu looks wayyy cuter in real life compared to her pics. Started with Tomorrow Song, which I’ve been looping a lot lately to get the claps right.. success! xD
-My sweet days is original song from debut mini-album which I’m rly tempted to buy for the dancing (lessons) videos lol.
-CHANGE! CHANGE! Haato Kyacchi~~!\(≧▽≦)/ After Nana covered Heart Catch☆Paradise in Live Games, this song (and the dance) got stuck forever in my brain (bought the CD 2 days after, learned the dance a week after LOL).. Nice to finally hear the original. I like Mayu’s clear voice, and perfect Precure dance.. well she did 50 lives this year so maybe she could even dance in her sleep? @_@

-H-Kids!!! cute loliez who performed for Nana too! Matching Cure colors.. :3

Kurosaki Maon (blog)
6. Magic∞world (Toaru Majutsu no Index II)
7. Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda Hi (Highschool of he Dead)
-Sorry fans, but must say I got a bit disappointed when she appeared. Her photos are way cuter~ ^^; And Mikoto distraction on screen during Magic∞world wasn’t helping.. but hey good song. Then HotD has like what 12 ED but of course she did Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda Hi, which I didn’t like.
-Spoke English during MC! Not bad pronunciation, she must have practiced. She said she always aspires to be a singer.. I’m glad her dream comes true. Not surprised Maon performed pretty well, since she worked in Dear Stage where she had to perform on daily basis.

With one of NFS girls. Maon is in black.

Tokyo Brass Style (link)
8. Makafushigi Adventure (Dragon Ball)
9. Lupan 3rd no Theme
10. Rouge no Dengon (Kiki’s Delivery Service)
11. Tonari no Totoro
Interesting concept: an instrumental group of 11 girls performing anime songs! They’ve got keyboardist, bassist, drummer, and the rest hold brass instruments. They rearranged famous anime songs into a lot of jazz fun! Thumbs up.

Ayane (blog)
12. Arrival of Tears (11Eyes)
13. DOLPHIN☆JET (Umisho)
14. Angelic bright (Higurashi Daybreak)
-The retarded MC pronounced her name wrongly “AyaNO” during introduction… not only once but THREE TIMES WTF. After 2nd mistake, we started shouting “AyaNE” but he still said Ayano….orz.
-Oh well, after she entered stage, the hall was full of AYANEEEEE screams so it doesn’t matter? Directly into Arrival of Tears!! My all-time favorite ♥ been a while since Anisama 09.
-Real treat was DOLPHIN☆JET! My first time hearing it live, sweet! After a short MC, Ayane set ended with Angelic bright~ lol just heard it 2 weeks ago.
-Not sure if it’s just me, but Ayane didn’t sound too healthy. Noticed a few times during songs, but sounded worse while talking.. weather’s bad so please take care, Ayano-san. ;_;
-When the MC reappeared, he finally said “AyaNE”. Okay it’s fixed and the Ayano thing could’ve been funny IF he at least apologizes for mistaking a guest’s name THRICE. I wonder if his “MC” stands for “Manner Corrupted” or what. >_> Yes I was kinda upset…. then I checked my twitter and saw this! ♥

Fixed my mood completely─ヽ(〃v〃)ノ─!

Nakano Fujoshi Sisters (site)
15. Fuufuu724
16. Suimin Fusoku (Kiteretsu Encyclopedia)
17. Honey Bee~
-IKR what kind of group name is that. ^^; Your usual Akiba-pop idol formula, a bunch of girls with catchy songs to hide the fact they can’t really sing. Well I chose to enjoy them anyway! The last song was very funny.. aha~n. aha~n. ^^;;
-Yellow is a cutie!

Daisy x Daisy (MIKA) (site)
18. Brave your truth (Chrome Shelled Regios)
20. HOLY SHINE (Fairy Tail)
-MIKA!!! Finally I can see my sister in-law!! *gets slapped* I think by now everyone knows she’s Nana’s little sister, but I do wish one day she will get more credits she deserves.
-Couldn’t help not to compare her with Nana.. but MIKA did give a strong Nana vibe while performing. She has great voice (this is genetic…), but I think she needs better songs. Brave your truth was unexpected since I thought she could only sing Pony Canyon songs.. but great surprise, I loved it!
-HOLY SHINE was average.. but c/w BELIEVE is pretty good! Now I have no doubt to buy the single later (out Nov 23). Too bad I can’t attend her sign event, same day with Lyrical Party IV and I gotta choose onee-chan.. next time! >_<
-Fangirl next to me got REALLY crazy about her. ^^;
-Her speaking voice is surprisingly kinda low, but MC went smoothly.

SO ADORABLE. d(_ _)b

Kita Shuhei (site)
21. Breakin’ through (Persona)
22. Issei no Koe (Natsume Yuujinchou)
-He sings pretty well but and I thought he was cute… but that Naozumi Takahashi vibe is iyaadaaa~~lol not as girly tho. He looks older than I expected too, especially wearing those suit… salaryman look? ^^;
-Issei no Koe reminds me I gotta watch the anime. xD

Yonekura Chihiro (blog)
23. WILL (Hoshin Engi)
24. Arashi no Naka de Kagayaite (Gundam 08-MS)
-Because she just never sings other songs! Given another track she’d perform Eien no Tobira for sure. ^^; Well I like both songs she did so not much of a complaint here..
-Her MC was kinda long, about her live trips around the world.. then 15th debut anniversary next year, with best album (did she even have new songs?) and live.
-She dressed not her age again…

Odd one out game: Guess who’s not a Nakano Fujoshi Sister?!

Nakajima Megumi (blog)
25. Tenshi ni Naritai
26. Melody (Tamayura)
27. Seikan Hikou (Macross F)
-I saw Mamegu last year on Yoko Kanno’s Seatbelt live.. but this was the first time I saw her so close. She’s much prettier in person that I had imagined.. and her crisp clear voice! I’ve always liked her more than you-know-who. xD
-Tenshi ni Naritai is still my top Mamegu song, glad to hear that live!! It’s also the only CD I have besides Macross ones. Next Melody was pretty nice.
-Minna dakishimete! Ginga no HATAMADE!! Seikan Hikou KIRA☆ UP CLOSE KYAA~ (lol no I haven’t watched Macross).

..Kicking myself for not bringing green lights for her..

Kalafina (blog)
28. oblivious (Kara no Kyoukai)
29. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa (Kuroshitsuji)
30. Hikari no Senritsu (Soranowoto)
-FINALLY God songs. As expected they’d put last. My first encounter with Kalafina, though I’ve seen them as FictionJunction in Anisama. Everyone said this but seeing Keiko in person up close.. so beautiful I got blinded. (*_*);
-Wakana really has the nicest voice, though I like their harmony more.. now THIS is what you call a singing unit.. huge difference to idol unit. ^^; Very glad they performed Hikari no Senritsu since it’s kinda old, but it’s one of my faves.

Hikaru, Keiko, and Wakana~

After they left, MC reappeared to speak whatever (pretty sure I heard anime songs for world peace” –yes in English), so I left before they all swarm the tiny door.

Funny note, when I took a photo of the hall, I heard an old Japanese bizman was trying to explain “Number one anime singer Nana Mizuki” to a group of American(?) businessmen in English … His English was so bad I was *this* close to jump into their conversation and preach about Nana to them. xD Too bad I haven’t eaten anything since I woke up so I chose to run home..

Extra notes.
-I guess because TIMM is a business event, they could gather this many quality-artists to represent their recording companies.. main goal is to promote/impress the overseas guests (those immobile people in balcony seats)? So they needed a bunch of dedicated otaku, hence it was free? xD
-King Records didn’t seem to participate~ I know Nana/Yukarin is impossible, tho I’d be more than happy with Suara. Oh well.

Best value-for-money ever (300yen return train ticket lolol). Definitely coming again next time!

11 thoughts on “Anime Song Live @ TIMM .. Ayane! MIKA! Kalafina!

  1. grub

    wow you’re attending so much events lately it’s kinda making me want to go to Japan :P natsume yuujincho is pretty awesome! btw kita shuhei has a twitter @KITAPONG

  2. etherlite

    Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda Hi? meh, should’ve sung fuss fuzz or Under the Honey Shine

    lol, Mika, genetic front teeth xD

    Kita shuhei, one of very few male singer songs in my iPod :P

    and go watch natsume yuujinchou, it’s really good, both season

    and i believe oblivious is older than Hikari no Senritsu, prefer kizuato or kimi ga hikari ni kaete yuku

  3. FirztMF

    1. I also think Mika has a grat voice, but needs better songs.
    2. Keiko is HAWT.
    3. I would have jump into any conversation. Talking about Nana sends my hunger away.

    @etherlite: Kita Shuuhei is also one of the few male singers in my iPod. But not because of that song. I first knew him with the OPSingle of Persona TS. But let me tell you, I also liked the ED of Natsume by… errr…. Atari Kosuke.

  4. Fuyumachi

    “-MIKA!!! Finally I can see my sister in-law!! *gets slapped* I think by now everyone knows she’s Nana’s little sister, but I do wish one day she will get more credits she deserves.”

    I have just known from reading this entry lol

    This is the same Mika who played harp in Live Diamond?

  5. danie~ Post author

    @Fuyumachi: Lol no. There are 3 Mika in Nana’s life you should know: xD
    1. The harp player Agematsu Mika, which was also Nana’s junior in school and now her neighbour ;_; Also Elements Garden composer Agematsu Noriyasu’s little sister.
    2. MIKA vocal of DaisyxDaisy = Kondou Mika = Nana’s little sister = the one in this post. They look kinda similar I think.
    3. Mika a member of Team Yoda (Nana’s dancers in concert). Worth noting cuz she’s been with Nana forever until now.. she’s even in What Cheer? PV (2003).

    lol do I need to make a MIKA post. *_* Maybe later.

  6. danie~ Post author

    No I went to Anisama Girls Night instead… which I think was the best decision ever lol. I can catch Kalafina again on other live~ I caught a cold so report follows later~

  7. Yuki

    I’ve been curious… how old is Mika? xDDD! and man, I agree about Mika getting more credit than she deserves. I’m sure Mizuki Nana wouldn’t want it if her kawaii imouto became popular because of her shadow. OTL. Go Mika! XD!

    So many performers to look forward to. Is there going to be a DVD release for this event? =<

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