IMPACT EXCITER for Nana’s Day (7/7)

Well actually I bought most of them yesterday, but it’s for today’s chart anyway.. so here it is.

Welcome to danie’s shop haha. Today’s special is…. July 7 = NANA’s DAY!! As the goddess said herself, ナナの日っっっ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆!!

Please, before anyone call mental hospital, I’ll make a disclaimer that NOT ALL OF THOSE ARE MINE. ^^;; I only own about.. ummmm okay, Nana. *runsss* But yah the rest are for my friends… though actually there are only 4 of us for all those, so maybe we could share a dorm in the mental hospital for Nana retardation anyway.

Details follow.

My room lighting sucks so the photo sucks, bear with it. I tried my best but my back still aches from the workout yesterday.. Imagine a little girl like me carrying a backpack with 20-ish CD boxes and all the tokuten in a freaking hot weather…. I certainly did look like an otaku haha. Very lucky it wasn’t raining tho.

Let’s start with stacking them together. xD

I’ve been really really wanting to do this! Finally. Haha.

These magazines and big posters are just there to decorate the Nana’s Day parade. xD

L. Seiyuu Paradise that gives out that huge-ass Nana poster. Not a bad first edition, though they could really improve the paper quality. It’s almost as bad as toilet paper.
R. Pick-up Voice with plenty beautiful photos in the best paper quality!

Tokuten from Amazon (L) and Rakuten (R) for SeiPara magazine. This explains the many copies yeah.

Free magazine from Tower Records.. I visited like 4 different Tower branches hence took so many. For some reasons I really like Nana’s expression in this cover shot too. Please wait patiently for the IE promotion stalking report. It’s 95% completed.. if all goes well, tomorrow.

On to the real thing.

Limited CD box on the left, and regular CD sleeve on the right. Yummm~~~ ♪

Now, various tokuten!!

Shopper bags from Gamers! They’re free for any purchase from Gamers (doesn’t have to be Nana stuff). I asked the shopkeeper if I can just get 1 shopper for each CD I bought… which of course she did give, otherwise I’ll just buy it 4 times haha.

From Animate. Cardboard-thick A4 stand pop~ Very good quality. Is sitting on my desk now to cheer me up with sunshine smile every time I happen to see it… which is like *ahem* every few other seconds.

From WonderGOO. A3 deskpad. I… don’t dare to use it.. will cry if it gets dirty.

From Tora no Ana. Very ^___^ tapestry. Now this is nice and safe to hang.

From Sofmap. B2 poster. Sorry can’t comment busy wiping blood.

From Sofmap. QR card lottery for 7 signed posters by Nana… pretty impossible odds, but yeah giving it a try anyway. Sorry I censored the barcode for security reasons :P

From Gamers. B2 reversible posters. I’ll probably hang the red side since I’ve got that Sofmap flowery one. And wow I do love that Office Lady look. Why do I feel my room is turning into another shrine very very soon..

PS. Thanks etherlite for letting me open your Gamers poster for this shot. ;)

Next are bromides. I don’t have a scanner just yet, so photos will do.

From Gamers. 2x bromides which is exactly the same as the posters.

From Shinseidou. Announcer jacket, or you can say alternative cover. Love this pose, even better if she had worn headphones ^_^

L. From JBook, similar pose to Shinseido, but this is bromide quality.
M. From Tower Records… okay this postcard is not from IE. It’s Nana Fair for any old purchase. Yeah.
R. From TSUTAYA. Postcard as usual, tho unusually it’s not the fierce Nana pose haha.

From HMV. 3x bromides. I believe most of you have gotten these too! I just realized it’s Nana wearing HMV store polo shirt.. If someone as cute as Nana works in a HMV shop I’ll screw my degree and work there immediately. :P

That’s all for tokuten, now let’s check out the limited box!

Haha nice, C for CD and D for DVD. /me likes this.

Inside. The booklet is really nice (duh). I haven’t opened the regular one, but I can see there’s a booklet too, though not hardcover.

Phew took me 1 hour to arrange those things and take photos, but a few mins to write this haha.

Oh yea I haven’t written any review yet. IE is the only thing I’ve been listening in the past few days lol. I didn’t really get it at first but it’s growing on me. So either review first, or the IE promo report first…. or I’ll just forget both and go back to loop the DVD again. xD

Forgot to add this. In Nana’s Day, what are we supposed to eat?

ISN’T THAT OBVIOUS. Too bad this is not Nana SP Curry.. that thing costs 2000 yen and this thing costs err 400? I’m broke for even more obvious reasons too. ;_; ’twas pretty nice though.

Happy Nana’s Day!!

24 thoughts on “IMPACT EXCITER for Nana’s Day (7/7)

  1. r3

    >> before anyone call mental hospital

    Doods, please don’t call her before we Yukarin banzai later in fall. Then you can call them up. Heck, send me in there, too. ;A;


    So, how long are you going to be eating instant stuff?
    .-= r3’s last blog .. Record 07 =-.

  2. Etherlite

    duh, still 2 weeks until i could get my hands to it D:

    i gave you permission to open & take pics of it, but don’t fap to them ._.

  3. Kaikowolfy

    awesome!! i’m so jealous >___<
    are you going to take pictures from the CD booklets too?

  4. danie~ Post author

    @r3: Can we share a dorm. I’d prefer a cutie than 3 (no offense, friends) otaku pigs. :P

    @otaku pig #1: I HAVE MY OWN COPY geez how many times should I say th—shit sorry your poster has bloodstains now.

    @damon: Please no, buying 1 copy is more than enough. You’ve got a number in that Oricon chart. ;)

    @Kaikowolfy: Hmm I thought it’s gonna be up in torrents anyway? I’m too lazy to do that. xD

  5. Kaikowolfy

    Yeah I found some, but I think they weren’t complete. xD
    You took photos of aaall this things, so you can do photos of the booklet too. XD

    btw, love the Seiyuu Paradise poster, glad that I ordered one too.
    But sad that the paper quality seems to be bad. >.<
    And Pick-Up Voice Vol 32 is great too, mine arrived today. <33

  6. Socratics101

    Wow, I thought Ether was kidding/exaggerating on the forum…guess not.

    @Etherlite – She’d be “schlicking”, not fapping. :P

    Thanks as always for posting the pics, I will get my hands on a complete set of tokuten, someday… *shakes fist*

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  8. moway

    hey, i am one of the NANA fans from hong kong .

    and tell you what, to a normal student who is going to be killed by exam, seiyuu magazine like Pick-up Voice is not at an affordable price xd

    to try my best, i can only buy all nana’s album, but about seiyuu magazine, it is hopeless xd

    so ever when i see the photo of them, i am ABSOLUTELY jealous!!!

    at this moment when you are trying your best to figure out what i want to express in my poor english, you may also consider posting the content inside by taking photos or scanning xd

    anyway i know i should ask for anything when i do not pay a price , but i stilol want it wwwwwww
    plz ~

  9. grub

    looks like someone’s room is full of nana merch already! will you have enough for more? (then again, there’s ALWAYS room for nana :D)
    .-= grub’s last blog .. 2D into 3D =-.

  10. amelala

    @Etherlite awwww…dont be sad lol XD

    -_-” your new rm is turning to nana rm again like your old rm lol XD

  11. reinforce

    wow,,Nana everywhere..^^

    anyway I’ve read Pick up Voice and guess what! IMPACT EXCITER is typed IMAPCT it kind of blasphemy toward Nana and her worshipers??ckck..

    aww,,I’ve never tasted Nana sp curry when I was back then in Tokyo hix..T.T

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  13. Makino

    I finally got my copy. I gotta say after having it hands on.. photos don’t do the album justice. lol The quality is so nice, certainly a major step up from UD.. too bad I can’t say the same about it track wise lol

  14. mikudev

    Is there a first press limited edition which comes with 44pages of Nana photobook? I remember I read it somewhere.

    My IE still stuck at my local post office. I wonder what’s the postmen is doing….

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