LisAni Live 2010 DAY Stage report

LisAni Live, 19 December @Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A.

Sorry for certain people who’s waiting :P I planned to finish this yesterday morning in Niigata but couldn’t find any internet cafe around the station though I walked more than 30 mins before giving up >_>

Anyways, DAY Stage started at 1.30pm until 5pm! I was only planning to attend NIGHT but they added Faylan on the last minute… so yeah both stages it is. ^^;

The pamphlet and confetti from DAY Stage, blue print!

Kokusai Forum is famous for being a crappy hall for the big distance between audience seats and the narrow stage. Glad mine was pretty good since they omitted the first 3 rows for stage-extension/cameras, making it about row 6~7 I think. And right in the center! But still have the “far” feeling. Can’t imagine those in row 40.. I’d rather be in 2F. ^^;

OPENING with a countdown video and listing all artists. Then they proceeded to show who goes first.. yep spoilers on screen before performance.. uh.

Girls Dead Monster starring LiSA (blog)

1. Thousand Enemies
2. Alchemy
3. Day Game
4. Crow Song

I like them from Angel Beats influence, but after Anisama I do appreciate their live! Especially LiSA, very energetic and always try to interact with fans as much as possible. She taught us Day Game calls (1-2-3-4 and wow~oh~oh).. then of course Crow Song sing-along! She has an adorable smile. :3

Talk Corner
On left-side of the hall (about row 7~15), there’s a mini-stage. Yoshida Hisanori (All Night Nippon radio announcer) hosts a mini talk corner with each artist after performance. Mostly trying to sell the pamphlet if you ask me. xD Interview shown on half of the screen too (or most of us wouldn’t be able to see it), with the other half showing photos (pamphlet shots, CD covers, etc).

-LiSA’s talk was mainly about GirlDemo’s Last Live on Dec 27 before breaking up.
-Yoshida praised how LiSA has good interaction with fans on stage, and LiSA said that’s because she thinks of a live as a “date” with fans. Cuuuute!

Faylan (blog)

5. Last vision for last
6. 本能のDOUBT (Honnou no DOUBT)
8. mind as Judgement

My main target of LisAni DAY. Powerful show as always, she rocked all her songs and definitely shot up the hall temperature! I think you’re tired of me going gaga over how M I became everytime I see Honnou no DOUBT live.. sorry but it IS a whip! ^^; Non-stop jumping in all 4 songs!

Talk Corner, first thing Yoshida said was how the whip actually suits Faylan a lot. xD
-Faylan’s staff suggested a special event using whip… instead of a handshake event, let’s make a whipping event!! ^^;; Yoshida said it sounds like a totally “different” event with fans coming up to say “Please hit me!” LOLOL hey I want that! xD
-Promoted new single out January, with some shots of her first PV ever. Goddess!

Kalafina (blog)

9. Adore
10. 光の旋律 (Hikari no Senritsu)
11. Lacrimosa
12. sprinter

In normal Kalafina or Fiction Junction lives, penlights are banned, so I appreciated that and didn’t use any. No pics on their blog of the DAY costume, but it was Red Moon’s costume. Not my first time seeing Kalafina live but boy they’re really captivating. I felt like in a dreamy other world (well they do speak Kajiura language) and before you knew it 4 songs were over. >_<

Talk Corner, Yoshida praised how amazing their vocal and harmony are, which is why he was speechless after reading the 50Q survey answers in pamphlet… pro-comedians. ^^;; He took the pamphlet and read a question “Who would you like to meet the most?” and the girls’ answers were:
Wakana: “Miyazaki Hayao, I love his work.
Keiko: “Shoujo Jidai. I want to see their legs.” LOLOLOL she got a point!
Hikaru: “My past-self.” ^^;;;;; Hikaru lives in her own dimension, srsly.
Impressive way to sell the pamphlet or for me to actually read it since I bought it for the original photoshoots. xD

[Secret Guest] 9Nine (site)

13. Cross Over

Out of nowhere we got a secret guest (not listed in website).. which I failed to recognize until I heard the song.. ah the Star Driver thing. ^^; Very average idol song and I’m pretty sure they were lipsynching to do the PV dance. It didn’t help that they performed right after Kalafina and only 1/5 is cute (the one looking like grade-schooler). Kiraboshi☆

This might be rude but I couldn’t shrug it off as a mere “new idol promotion” since they’re not new.. and lol “secret guest”? ^^; Discussed with some friends how this could be a conspiracy? Using them to bridge Kalafina and the upcoming artist so she doesn’t sound too bad. Since all 3 are under Sony :P Though it’s completely unnecessary since I believe Toma had the most fans coming only for her. I see quite a number of people went home right after Tomatsu’s part. :-/

Tomatsu Haruka (blog)

14. Baby Baby Love
15. Girls, Be Ambitious.
16. 七色みちしるべ (Nanairo Michishirube)
17. motto☆派手にね! (Motto Hade ni ne!)

Kannagi OP nice! Tomatsu’s really cute! I didn’t know the first 3 songs but I was thinking it had a nice tune before realizing how creepy it is for this playful tempo get full-blown UO cheers. ^^; I know her Sphere color is orange, but there’s normal orange too. No comment on her singing… but she’s cute! *runs* xD

Talk Corner, something about Raw-meat Club she established for those who loves eating raw meats obviously. But nobody wanted to join, well except Kotobuki Minako. ^^; Oh she also did Kiraboshi☆ cuter than all 9nine girls combined. :3

Kawada Mami (blog)

18. No buts!
19. Prophecy
20. triangle
21. masterpiece

My first time seeing Mami live! I don’t really follow her latest works but I totally enjoyed all of them.  She has a good presence on stage, rather fierce though her voice is cute and the song is techno, but I guess that’s I’ve Sound style?

Talk Corner wasn’t in side-stage anymore, Yoshida joined Mami on real stage! Pretty short talk since they’re running out of time, but good stuff. Apparently Mami reads every single short-novel of the original work before writing the song lyrics for anime. Respect+1.

22. 緋色の空 (Hishoku no Sora)

Two songs I wanted to hear the most from Mami!! Really glad they made it to the setlist. Confetti (top pic) exploded during JOINT. Awesome!

Ending was a video listing all artists and each band members… ended with a text saying “See you next!” and the light’s back on.. leaving most of us confused. Okay so the last extra 2 songs were the encore? ^^;; Oh well.

Continue to NIGHT stage and overall impressions.

7 thoughts on “LisAni Live 2010 DAY Stage report

  1. Etherlite

    LiSA is really cute <3

    …and aren’t you ドS?

    lol, 9Nine looks too young, junior high probably?

    Kawada Mami’s (and all I”VE girls) songs are usually nice to listen, but i got easily grown bored of their songs…

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  3. aMe

    HUH?! “mind as judgment”, “masterpiece”, “Adore”, “Girls, Be Ambitious” were in the Day Stage?! I am so super surprised cause when I watched the .ts raw I downloaded from jpopsuki, there wasn’t such song performances from Sukachan edition!

  4. danie~ Post author

    ^ because it’s not a full footage ^^; they cut a lot of songs for the broadcast.

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