Live5pb.2010 Report

Live5pb.2010 on 16 October 2010 at JCB Hall. It’s the 3rd annual live from record company 5pb, led by famous anime/game composer Shikura Chiyomaru.

I actually wrote this before Yukarin SCS goods lol then Famitsu and MyCom reports were out so I can borrow their live pics! Browse there for full size.

I thought of going earlier for goods, but only wanted pamphlet and T-shirt (others are animu stuff) so I woke up in the afternoon instead… to find out they give signed cardboards for CD buyers above 3,000 yen (gone very fast).. orz Ayane’s T__T oh well, so I arrived 30 mins before; enough time to buy goods, change shirt, and get ready!

I was hesitating to go or not, so I missed the pre-sales and only got it off 7/11 after Anisama. My seat was on right-side of 2F balcony (that red/orange light) but was surprisingly close to stage! JCB Hall is well-designed so everyone had clear view in all seats.

Attendees.. (eroge) fanboys with VERY few fangirls (Ayane’s or Zwei’s?). My balcony only had another girl, who accompanied her boyfriend and sat down the entire concert lol. I only saw about 5 girls in arena seats.. this must be a sad record lol. Balcony seats seemed to have more girls tho. Tickets were sold out, but middle balcony (1F and 2F) had plenty empty seats.. I’m guessing reserved for VIPs since it was the only area without lights. ^^;


-Started only 5 minutes late, video streamed on big screen. At first it’s just white text on black welcoming us blabla, Nicodouga-style scrolling text was lol. Then a familiar game chara (well, just her voice for me) appeared!
-Hanazawa Kana‘s Mayushii (Steins;Gate)! Cutest way to announce concert rules ever (“no camera, no disturbing other people” etc). Lol everyone kept responding to pre-recorded video.. xD
-Countdown 10 to 1, everyone counted together…

Top batter

Out of sudden Sky Clad no Kansokusha by Itou Kanako!! Explosive start! Like Anisama, Shikura Chiyomaru provided guitar. Man, he must be the cutest 40-year-old company president ever! xD Rare to see me fangirl over a guy but he’s just too ikemen :3 Itou looked wtf as usual with afro hair and tribal movements.. Still JCB hall’s temperature shot up!


-Shortly after, MC seiyuu Majima Junji and Yamamoto Ayano (cuuuute♥) greeted and  announced this will be so long we even get break-time lol.
-Ayanon informed SkyClad details: which game, what platform.. Then announced Yuinyan up next performing Nyandafuru! from Nyankoi blabla.. apparently this will happen to most songs. Oy, ever heard of surprise factor? orz

Sakakibara Yui (site, blog, twitter)

-YUINYAAAAAAN!!! One of the strong reasons I just had to go, since she missed Anisama this year. Nyandafuru! is darn cute especially with cat moe. Surprised she didn’t bring any dancers.. but uuuu that nyan~♥ pose at the end……I nearly died. xD
-LOOP wasn’t surprising since that’s YOU♥I CD cover costume she’s wearing. No game tie-up but the album was produced by 5pb.
-Pink lights for both!

Imai Asami (site, blog, twitter)

-I’ve been stalking following Mingos closely since I discovered her IM@S Chihaya. Love her distinctive voice and intriguing personality.
-Oooh COLOR SANCTUARY!! Lead song for upcoming first album on Dec, unexpected! PV also streamed; seems well-made when I glanced before quickly focused back on the real thing. xD Song was what Mingos does best: captivating emotional ballad (ofc blue lights).. loved it.
-To match Nyankoi’s OP by Yuinyan, we get ED Strawberry~Amaku Setsunai Namida~, a one-sided love story but somehow sounded more sweet than bitter.. ^__^; Anyway back to pink!

-MC. As I’ve guessed, that’s Shangrila PV‘s costume. Skirt was modified to look more glittery (transparent!!), which somehow initiated MAWATTE~ (turn around) shouts! Cuuute :3
-Joked about her first solo live on Dec 25, “Isn’t it harsh for everyone?” …errr lol on the contrary, sad otaku are happy to spend Christmas with you, Mingos!
-Expected Shangrila next. I’ve heard this live 2x in CD event, but those were in sloppy Gamers’ room-turns-event-space.. glad I finally get the full glory it deserves!

Kousaka Riyu (blog)

-Anime fans might know her Claymore ED but that was her deep voice. Natsu no Kiseki was complete opposite: cheerfully bright, befitting as lifesaver/bikini/beach eroge theme. ^^; Not bad.

Hyosei (blog)

-Famous eroge seiyuu (explains different names shouted lol), at first I thought she looks like Sato Rina in her promo shot (center), but not at all in real life (right); more like Itou Shizuka? xD
-Slow ballad Fuyu Hanabi *really* caught me by surprise on how well she sings! Onee-chamaaaa~

Afilia Saga East (site, blog)

-Akiba-idol unit cross-produced by Shikura and Momoi! As each girl enters stage, I tried counting but gave up halfway. Massive fans response or basically otaku just like a group of girls?
-Introduced 2 new members Karen and Maho, so there were TWELVE girls dressed similarly in all-white or all-black frilly dress… confusing @_@ An 140cm-tall girl (Kohime) did stand out, looking like a grade-schooler.. and one of the black dress is cute (Miku Doll). :3
-Performed 3 songs I didn’t know: Knee-high Egoist (awesome pose above), Watashi☆LOVE na☆Otome!, and Houkago Romance, all catchy tho I was more into observing their synchro’ed dance lulz.

nao (blog, twitter)

-Totally didn’t recognize her now! Not only because of her weird animal jumper, but whoa talking about changing your image (previously right pic.. dang I loved that hair). Didn’t know any of her solos but Pastel Chime was okay, Synchro Shiyou yo♪ had great otagei calls (“rarararara chuchu~”).
-MC invited guest composer Itou Kenji (twitter) to provide keyboard for Ryuusei no Bifrost, which was really good! Actually its high-pitch, fast-tempo was soooo fripSide lol.

Asriel (site, blog)

-Interesting way of utilizing her high pitch voice, which may lead to love-or-hate situation. Well, I actually liked INNOCENT. ;)
-Asriel’s gothic princess style heavily reminded me of Yousei Teikoku’s Yui, though less cooler lol. Her MC was warm/normal compared to Yui-sama’s troll. Asriel wore massive dress so she couldn’t move much.. and asked us to jump her part too for rock-ish Altair. Gladly!! xD
-Obviously red lights.

Zwei (site, blog)

-Announced as last performer for stage 1 (lolwut it’s already 2.5 hours!). Two cool female rockers Ayumu (vocal) and Megu (bass). They have crazy fangirls who shouted REALLY loud ^^; Probably old fans as Zwei just recently joined game world.
-Fun “WASSHOI!!” calls which got everyone pumped before breaking into Koyubi no Paradox and Forever More. Ayumu did a pretty dangerous skit, swinging mike stand 360degree.. I was wondering what if she slips lol.

10 mins toilet break. LOL at ridiculously long ♂ toilet queue compared to.. 1-2 girls I saw in ♀ toilet xD


Steins;Gate Corner
-Started with another video on screen, but something is different! It’s voiced by real seiyuu on stage! My first live afureko (dubbing) ever~

-L-to-R position order: Yamamoto Ayano (yep was MC), Goto Saori, Kobayashi Yuu (kyaaaa!!), and Imai Asami. Notice 2 small monitors on stage so seiyuu can face audience while dubbing. Still doesn’t look easy tho.

-Yu’s Ruka did most opening narration with soft voice (not Yu’s crazy one) before Steins;Gate charas showed up (game-style).
-Saorin’s Moeka is the onee-san type, but very timid (lol typecast), and prefers to express her thoughts in text messages than speaking.
-Main topic: Steins;Gate getting an anime!!

-Totally in love with Mingos’ Kurisu: red long-haired girl with strong personality <3
-Ayanon’s Nae is so very very loli, initiated Kurisu to tease her “You know, getting an anime means lolicon all over the country can fap to you..” LOLOL
-Nae got scared so Kurisu tried to explain, “Hey, I was joking.. Nae-chan please smile!” ;__; but Nae responded with awesome AHAHAHA (broken laugh) ^^;;;;

-Joining stage: MC Majima, producers from Frontier Works and White Fox. Showed us a bit of anime chara-design (current progress) only 3-4 charas so it seems we’ll have to wait a little longer..
-The usual chara impression question for all seiyuu, starting from Mingos. Kurisu is a genius professor so Mingos confessed she didn’t understand shiz she was talking about XD
-Saorin hopes Moeka gets less shy so Saorin gets more lines LOL
-Mingos started the “touch” (high-five) to relay the question to next seiyuu, which became a pattern. Mingos -> Yu -> Saorin -> Ayanon -> Frontier Works -> White Fox … the last complained why he’s the only one getting “touch” from a guy… rofl.
-Lastly, Yu asked everyone to banzai for Steins;Gate anime.. BANZAI!BANZAI!BANZAI! xD I’m sold, will definitely watch this!

Lasted about 30 mins in total, back to concert!

PHANTASM (FES c.v. Sakakibara Yui) x Chiyomaru Shikura

Opposite image of Yuinyan from her Chaos;Head chara in full cosplay.. shiz can’t get any cooler!! PHANTASM got so popular she even gets to sing outside Chaos;Head, including Steins;Gate ED Unmei no Farfalla.. great song but I screamed when FES started Haritsuke no Misa!! Woooaah my fave PHANTASM song! Q_Q

Itou Kanako (site, blog) x Chiyomaru Shikura

Since Chiyomaru is there, Itou next! Still in the same costume, still acting crazy, and still sounding awesome with A.R. and Another Heaven. I totally fangirl-ed over Chiyomaru lolol shachoooouu~♥


-Popping from back-left entrance in a stunning black mini-dress, ELISA!! Not her usual elegant long dress, but finally some legs~ (too bad not pictured) xD And yay for my 2nd euphoric field in a week.
-MC. ELISA confessed the last time she plays game was middle school.. nor that she sang any game songs before.. so what is she doing in live5pb?
-Answer: special medley Houyoku no Prophesia ~ Seihitsu no Prophesia, (both composed by Chiyomaru). As usual she asked for ELISA PPPH~XD
-First artist to have 2 back-up dancers.

Hasegawa Akiko (blog)

-Unlike Mingos who can break free from Chihaya, I see that Akki is still tied with her IM@S chara Miki. Fans were all green (Miki’s color), tho she also wore green accessories..
-Sunrise! was okay, but either I was getting tired or what but I yawned a lot during 2100-nen no Tokyo Tower.. meh.
-Composer Koshiro Yuzo (twitter) joined during MC, providing keyboard for energetic-rock I Can Fly!, now this sounds much better.

ARTERY VEIN (Imai Asami x Kitamura Eri) (site, KitaEri blog/twitter)

-Finally KitaEri!! xD Both dressed in CD cover costumes.. Kitaeri (ARTERY) in black/red and Mingos (VEIN) in black/blue. They stayed in persona, so KitaEri did all the talking while Mingos kept quiet with one-liners.
-I was probably the only one who got more confused instead after they explained “artery vein” means “動脈と静脈” (doumyaku & joumyaku fff moons).
-Highlight was KitaEri’s deep voice, “愚問だね。” (Gumon da ne / Foolish question) in which Mingos commented, “You sound like Kobayashi Yu.” receiving roars of laughters from fans. ^^;
-KitaEri talked a lot of crap about wanting solo live, full album, etcetc until Mingos said, “…Let’s just sing now.” XD

-Nailed debut single Confutatis no Inori and Corpus Party game-limited CD Yami ni Nureta Catastrophe… both left a deep impression on me. I’m a Mingos fan so it goes without saying, but KitaEri can really sing! Let’s just hope the unit lasts.
-Loved how everyone waved both red+blue lights!

KOKOMI (Asriel)

It’s the same person with the same singing style so I have no idea why they differentiate Asriel and KOKOMI lol. Lighter dress now so she could move around. Chikai Hibiki no Igureja was pretty good, tho Umineko video stream was kinda disturbing lol.

Ayane (blog)
-As I’ve expected they kept her until the last..! MC sorta spoiled the fun by announcing her songs orz.
-I only discovered her in last year Anisama (“Hey she kinda sounds like Nana”) but her songs and live performance are actually different & good so I’ve been liking her since. And yeah I have a thing for bunny teeth got a problem? :P

-Latest single Juujika ni Sasagu Shichijuusou started live5pb.Ayane~ Loved the stick dance with her back-up dancers. Time to go RED!
-MemoOff true ED Omoide wa Yubikiri no Kioku e was actually the first Ayane-ballad I’ve ever heard live.. She always did epic songs in Anisama.
-MC. Announced next album out on Christmas week as a present for us (crap I have Games x Academy to buy…), and live on January 9!! Def going~ :3
-Ayane asked us to shout louder for live5pb closure song, but she really didn’t have to ask: Lunatic Tears… got the craziest response ever!! I jumped forgetting I was in 2F balcony xD

ENCORE as usual rest-time for me.

Chiyomaru Shikura x …
Chiyomaru entered stage wearing his white Tweet-shirt.. (damn no close-up shot!)

..and out of nowhere Momoi Halko popped out the middle-back entrance!! I totally forgot she was listed to perform in live5pb since she was late addition. Didn’t know Yuuen no Amulet but it was cool~! Failed to recognize that’s really Momoi on the streamed PV, not looking moe for once. xD Confetti explosion during the song. After the song ended, Momoi shouted goodbye while running backstage.. lol just that? Well it’s great enough she could even make it from her live tour in Gifu earlier the same day.

Chiyomaru did a short solo with his guitar before suddenly we heard opening lines for Angelic bright!!! Wooot Ayane re-entered stage from left-back entrance.. epic song is epic! ^__^ It still hasn’t ended yet cos we still have right-back entrance where Itou Kanako jumped out to Find the blue! Audience went all out, totally didn’t expect encore to be crazier than the live itself lol.

-Both MC joined Chiyomaru and Itou Kanako on stage, calling all performers one by one. Each gave short speech and threw 2 signed balls to audience! That’s plenty considering Afilia has 12 members lol.

-Most female artists tried to throw far, but they can only reach arena.. some did reach the back-end tho.
-Yu awesomely threw her ball to backstage (no-look pass?! LOL)
-Zwei girls are so strong they reached 1F balcony.
-ELISA didn’t even try (ojou-sama..), just passing her balls to front-rows lol.
-Chiyomaru confidently said he’ll reach 2F.. and ended up reaching 3F!! Sugoooo~i.

-Kobayashi Yu (now wearing cap, totally different from Steins;Gate image). After the usual gratitudes, she just had 1 more thing to say… “愚問だね。” (Foolish question.) LOL KitaEri’s catchphrase of the day that was said to sound like Yu. XD KitaEri took the chance to play angry and grabbed Yu from her back.. no idea what she was trying to do, it just looked like a long hug.. perv!! D:
-Ayane said that not only artists and band members, many staff worked hard backstage.. and thanked them for that. What a nice girl.. (´ω`)

Lastly, everyone held hands for final bow.
Momoi suggested all audience to hold hands too…..before realizing our face expression lol, “…ah forget it, it’s disgusting right?” ….indeed… ^^;;

live5pb.2010 finished! Good work, everyone!

-6,400 yen for 5.5 hours is really a bargain! I’ll definitely come again next year if I could. Such a gem is hidden way under the shadows of Anisama.. totally different scale but I like its warm and personal feel. BD/DVD to be released next Spring.. the world needs to know live5pb!
-Satisfying setlist tho I’d appreciate it if they don’t spoil the songs before it’s performed.. I understand they have to advertise but they could do it after! ;_;
-Loved penlight color coordination for most artists, everyone seems to bring at least 5 colors haha.
-Plenty of first encounters~. Hyosei, nao, and KitaEri impressed me a lot!


Goods and my full gear!! Love the design. Too bad no S-size but considering how fast L-size was sold out, that’s a correct decision?

Back side of T-shirt listing all performers.

Pamphlet is HUGE WTF B4-SIZE! It doesn’t fit in normal bookshelves orz. Like Anisama, most shots are just promo shots, but some get shots from previous live5pb!! Like this lovely Mingos~

..and thissssssssssnyan~♥ *nosebleeds*

Gave a try to 200yen gachagacha. There were a shitload of characters and I only wanted Kurisu (Mingos’ chara)… which of course I got after a few tries lolol, even a phonestrap version instead of pins!! Got Yuu’s and Saorin’s charas too.. and the leading guy whatever his name is.

Freebies. News and release dates for Ayane’s and Mingos’ new album!

Group pics from various artists’ blogs.

Japanese can’t get enough of V signs? Everyone looks cute tho~~ Above L-R: ELISA (how tall is she again), KitaEri, Yuinyan (loool off-shoulder encore shirt again! /likes), Ayane, Mingos.. and below L-R: Akki and Momoi~

Ummm… isn’t Mingos’ face a bit too close to Ayane……


Clearest shot~♥


1. Itou Kanako x Chiyomaru Shikura / Sky Clad no Kansokusha
2. Sakakibara Yui / Nyandafull!
3. Sakakibara Yui / LOOP
5. Imai Asami / Strawberry~Amaku Setsunai Namida~
6. Imai Asami / Shangrila
7. Kousaka Riyu / Natsu no Kiseki
8. Hyosei / Fuyu Hanabi
9. Afilia Saga East / Knee-high Egoist
10. Afilia Saga East / Watashi☆LOVE na☆Otome!
11. Afilia Saga East / Houkago Romance
12. nao / Pastel Chime
13. nao / Synchro Shiyou yo♪
14. nao x Itou Kenji / Ryuusei no Bifrost
15. Asriel / INNOCENT
16. Asriel / ALTAIR
17. Zwei / Koyubi no Paradox
18. Zwei / Forever More
Steins;Gate Corner (Afureko & Talk)
19. PHANTASM (Sakakibara Yui) x Shikura Chiyomaru / Unmei no Farfalla
20. PHANTASM (Sakakibara Yui) x Shikura Chiyomaru / Haritsuke no Misa
21. Itou Kanako x Shikura Chiyomaru / A.R.
22. Itou Kanako x Shikura Chiyomaru / Another Heaven
23. ELISA / euphoric field
24. ELISA / Houyoku no Prophesia ~ Seihitsu no Prophesia (medley)
25. Hasegawa Akiko / Sunrise!
26. Hasegawa Akiko / 2100-nen no Tokyo Tower
27. Hasegawa Akiko x Koshiro Yuzo / I Can Fly
28. ARTERY VEIN / Confutatis no Inori
29. ARTERY VEIN / Yami ni Nureta Catastrophe
30. KOKOMI (Asriel) / Chikai Hibiki no Igureja
31. Ayane / Juujika ni Sasagu Shichijuusou
32. Ayane / Omoide wa Yubikiri no Kioku e
33. Ayane / Lunatic Tears
34. Momoi Halko x Shikura Chiyomaru / Yuuen no Amulet
35. Ayane x Shikura Chiyomaru / Angelic bright
36. Itou Kanako x Shikura Chiyomaru / Find the blue

7 thoughts on “Live5pb.2010 Report

  1. Yuki

    Kousaka Riyu? She has some songs in DDR right? I think it’s title was ‘True’ and a ‘True trance remix’ I think. XD!

    I barely knew any of them, but I’m sure it was awesome. <3

  2. Vertibas

    Omg, I only watched the streamed version of this. How I envy you. And you really will be attending Ayane’s upcoming live? I’m soooooooo jealous T_T, so very very jealous.

    I’m a big big fan of her, so I will love to go, but the live was only announced after I already booked my tickets, and I’m flying back a week before that live.

    PLEASE do a review of the live, I will be forever in your debt!

  3. danie~ Post author

    ^ not too late to change your flight tickets! xD It’s Ayane’s concert after 1 year and 4 months.. plenty of awesome songs to catch up. :)

  4. Vertibas

    It is too late, since I’m going with three other people. I can’t change anything now. =(

    I will catch the next one, for sure, even if it takes another sixteen months wait. Will you teach me how to go about getting tickets when the time comes? I did poke around some of the ticketing sites, but they seem to require a Japanese phone number or a Japanese postal code, so I got stuck at the registration part.

    I will be really grateful!

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