Mizuki Nana's Charity Program for Tohoku Disaster

Mizuki Nana and her bestfriend/harpist Agematsu Mika will hold a charity program via Nico Live though it’s pre-recorded.

27 March 2011 @ 20.30 JST.

All money gathered during this program’s broadcast will be added to Nico Fundraising and forwarded to Japanese Red Cross.

Like other charity broadcasts, this might only last 30 mins.
With Mika-chan, we can expect Heart-shaped chant, Shin’ai, and/or Shichigatsu Nanoka.. pretty godly setlist for half an hour! Let them know how much you like them by donating.

I made this guide based on other Nico fundraising programs which was using Nico Points system. I will update once it’s confirmed, but this seems to be the only way for now. Yes Paypal is OK! :)

But, it takes time especially using PayPal, so it’s better to do this earlier. Even if they use different system, you can donate the Points later. Anyhow still better than risking doing nothing while watching Nana+Mika performs.. *gasp*

Here goes.

1. Create a Nico account.
NO premium membership required to donate, but premiums still get higher quality streams. Join with 525 yen valid for a month, Paypal is OK.

2. to be donated. 1 point is worth 1 yen.

Follow this guide to buy points via credit card or WebMoney.
-Some overseas CC might be rejected, though “Verified by Visa” or “MasterCard SecureCode” have bigger chance to work.
-WebMoney is kinda tricky and you’ll need to use 3rd-party merchant. SutoCorp is trustworthy, fast, and accepts Paypal.

Some foreign CC works with Rakuten (楽天あんしん支払い)
..which has English registration page so I’m sure you don’t need me. ^_^

3. Enter Nana’s charity program. Donate during the program.
5. Find this donate button: just above the comment section.

5. Pop-up page.

-Name max 16 chars, message max 30 chars.
-You can donate all your points or just parts of it from 100 points.

I don’t think whatever’s next will be a problem (confirmation page?), but I will post a screencap once I donate on 27th.

Any questions please drop a comment.


Honestly this didn’t come as a surprise for me, since Nana blogged last week on meeting her team and producer to think what they could do to contribute.

The over-analyzed, over-dramatized Fukushima N-plant stole too much attention from the actual victims of Tohoku Disaster: hundred thousands who lost their home and families from tsunami. As of today, over 10,000 people died and 17,000 more still missing. Those who lived are suffering in refugee area. They need help.

I personally have donated in the first week, but I’m proud of what Nana’s doing and I will support that. Regardless of the amount, it helps. See you online on 27th!

14 thoughts on “Mizuki Nana's Charity Program for Tohoku Disaster

  1. Socratics101

    Pro MS Paint skills you’re showing off there, Danie. :P

    Anyways, definitely going to be tuning in and hopefully donating if payment is as simple as you say it is…and I can remain conscious until 4am my time. :|

    The word “nuclear” off-limits now btw? Curious why you just didn’t go out and say it. Really do wish there was more news coverage (in the US at least) on the situation in the affected areas, all that gets mentioned now is people being too scared to fly through Japan, the death count, and just how the reactor is doing.

  2. perceefinesse

    I honestly don’t know what to say, so I will just say this: God bless Mizuki Nana and her charitable and humble nature… she’s probably one of the only J-pop stars I’ve ever heard and seen who has never let her success go to her head… she keeps it so real that it’s scary. I’m sure that she and Mika will, as Parliament would put it, “tear the roof off.”

    Nana is definitely a role model for today’s youth to look up to and aspire to emulate… a true hero and a diamond in the rough in a world of music dominated by evil record labels, lip-syncing suckers, and bland lyrics.

  3. amelala

    ..must pay by cash card ar…*sob i dont own 1, only no my bank acc* AH! nvm use most of my cash money to send to singapore red cross XD *through church*

    but then ya thankfully Nana is on the move to help out *many other celebrity i heard from the news r donating to Japan, some of them send 1m++? O_o*

  4. Etherlite

    @amelala: not everyone could donate 1M++, just doing what you can is already a good thing

    question here: do we need to make our nico acc premium all the time (payment will be regularly charged to our CC)? or we could pay just for one month?

  5. WLHT

    I only have NETS =( so I probably wont go in and take up space in Nico…

    I donated money through my Japanese language school though so I hope it helps =(

  6. danie~ Post author

    @Socratics101: lol nothing on the N/Nuclear thing. It is simple once you have the points, so unless your CC is verified/securecode it might take up to 24 hours via SutoCorp.

    @perceefinesse: Obviously you haven’t heard enough since AKB48 girls donated 500 million yen cash lol. Also 2 days Lantis fundraising events with most of their artists including Minorin, Faylan, JAM Project etc. Regardless of what kind of effort or amount, Nana is doing something. As a good fan we should too.

    @amelala: You can link bank account to Paypal.

    @Etherlite: Yes. Auto-cancellation if you use Paypal or WebMoney, and via account settings for CC.

    @WLHT: a Singaporean friend said NETS works with Paypal.

  7. WLHT

    I went to try but I don’t see paypal there….
    It’s okay, I’ll get my friend to donate (and help me donate) since she have Masters…. Thx anyway =)

  8. perceefinesse

    Well, like I’ve mentioned before, I’m more of a hip-hop fan than a J-pop fan, so I am usually not always up to date and fully informed in regards to events that concern most J-pop artists. But it’s good to see that not just Nana is exuding generosity. Honestly, when it comes to talent, I prefer Nana over AKB48 and the entire Lantis roster (with the exception of Chihara Minori). It’s easy for the AKB48 girls and Lantis to donate as much as they have, since their record sales have historically crushed and royally trampled Nana’s. There’s only such that one woman can do (it seems to be harder for someone at Nana’s age to sell records compared to most of the prepubescents, teenagers and performers in their early twenties that she now has to compete with, so she obviously doesn’t have as much to donate or give away), but I was just trying to acknowledge how selflessness this event that Nana and her colleagues have organized is… I wasn’t thinking to compare it to any others at all, rather just to praise it on its own merit.

  9. amelala

    oh ok thank!

    @Etherlite: i didnt said like everyone must donate 1m…^_^” *that is alot already for 1 person* i saying that finally Nana is making a move, before that i was abit worry abt both her n Japan ;_;

  10. cc1926

    I were wondering how to donate via this program, then your guide helped me a lot. Thank you! I also applied for premium membership :D

    I had a problem with mastercard. It didn’t work even though I had already registered for MasterCard SecureCode -_- Luckily, the visa one doesn’t have any problem.

  11. damon

    omg i didnt manage to donate during it, kept having an error. now i have 2000 points sitting in my account…..

  12. Whistler

    Ugh, really want to donate via Nanachan’s program but it wouldn’t accept my credit card. ;___;
    Ah well, at least I’ve already donated some with cash through a local organisation.

    Missed it when it was live, I’m going to watch it now though.

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